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about me

I am a creative and dynamic IT professional based in Braga, Portugal. I have a great passion for software development (Desktop/Web/Mobile) and MS Networks. My work is a central part of my life, I love what I do. The challenge, the endless learning curve and the mission accomplished feeling, is what make me want for more.
I’m known for my love of out-of the office projects! I enjoy creating side projects outside of my working life, it's what keeps me updated with the latest trends and technologies.
Design and development are both creative pursuits, they are mutually inclusive, one couldn’t exist without the other. Having said that I enjoy coding and bringing data to life, which is why I wouldn’t classify myself as ‘ui designer’ but instead one that can bridge two philosophies and ways of thinking.

My work doesn’t end with the brief. Going beyond the parameters and models that have been set out is essential, not only for my own personal achievement and development but it reflects back in the final product.
I speak spanish, portuguese, english and basic chinese.
The reason why i think i can help you is that I never follow the If ain't broken, don't fix it, i believe there is always room for improvement.

what i do

Microsoft Platform

  • Visual Studio

    Visual Studio

    I'd had been using VS.Net for over: now. I started with version 2k2 "Rainier" all the way long up to this last release Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3.2.

  • SQL Server

    SQL Server

    This is an intimate relation that started back in 2k and growth with the time. Today I design & build DBs in the latest versions including SQL 2k14 & 2k16.

  • ASP.Net


    With the internet boom, I started to develop professional web apps since 2k8, mainly for intranets, e-commerce and corporate websites.

  • Ajax


    Talk about any web platform without Ajax it's almost impossible. Ajax was a game changer since day one. I'd been working with client-side since 2k8 tied to ASP.Net.

  • VB.Net


    This was (and still is) my favourite language since 1985.

  • C#

    C# .Net

    This is the "Lingua Franca" in MS ecosystems. years ago, move from to C# was a challenge. Today is my primary lang. for development.

  • MS Access

    MS Access

    This is one of those tools that I can call a true RAD. This was my gateway to learn Relational databases back in '97. I like this tool so much that I have a website just for Access.

  • WCF


    One of the so awaited technologies. I grabbed this one as soon as I could, even so, just in 2k14 I could seriously (ab)use in a massive project.

WEB Tools & Frameworks

  • HTML 5


    7 Years of experience.

  • CSS 3

    CSS 3

    Experience... Same as html ;)

  • Java Script

    Java Script

  • JQuery


  • Bootstrap


  • KendoUI

    Kendo UI

  • Crystal Reports

    Crystal Reports

  • Telerik


relevant projects

  • atena

    Development & Design

    Project: Parking-Meter
    Lang & Tools:,ASP.NET, SQL Server & Web Services. .Net framework 2.0 Web/Desktop.

  • bsupported

    Development & Design

    Project: Web Application
    Lang & Tools: ASP.NET, JQuery, html5, jscript & SQL Server. .Net framework 3.0

  • bv

    Development & Design

    Project: Various
    Lang & Tools:, ASP.NET, SQL Server, MS Access VBA, .Net framework 2.0, JQuery, html5, css3, jscript.

  • cell2k


    Project: System & Network Upgrade
    Lang & Tools: vbscript, Win. Server 2k8, LDAP, TCP/IP.

  • crcql

    Development & Design

    Project: Custom CRM
    Lang & Tools: ASP.NET, SQL Server & Web Services. .Net framework 2.0

  • ebqm


    Project: Integration
    Integration of multiple applications & services. Windows Server 2k8.

  • LProjecto

    Development & Design

    Project: Notification System
    Lang & Tools: VB.NET, SQL Server & SMTP + Outlook Integration. .Net framework 3.0

  • PineWells


    Project: Application Integration
    Windows Server 2k12.

  • Primavera


    Project: WCF
    Lang & Tools: ASP.NET, ASP Classic, C#, jscript WCF. .Net framework 4.0

  • SHS


    Project: System Architecture
    MS Platform.

  • sotecnica

    Development & Design

    Project: Automation Software
    Lang & Tools:, SQL Server SMTP. .Net framework 3.0

  • spms


    Project: SI.VIDA V2
    Lang & Tools: C#, WCF, html5, css3, jquery, javascript, SQL Server. .Net framework 4.0

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